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Teenage Beauty Guide!


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Teenage is all about experiencing and feeling like you have never done before! With all the stress and threshold of looking at your best. To survive these difficult days, here’s the guide! But remember, in the end, it’s all about enhancing what you have and let it shine through.

So first, of, you might wanna start with basic steps.


Prep your skin 


Now this is something you might be doing earlier yet it’s time now you do it regularly. Whether your skin is oily, dry or combination, you need a moisturizing lotion, always use one that includes sunscreen. Before you apply any sort of makeup or just anything, it is important that you prep your skin by applying a light moisturizer that helps your skin stay hydrated during the entire day as it has a light formula that’s very soft and doesn’t have a thick consistency.So if you are just starting out, we don’t wanna scare you recommending too much of products right now. You do need a moisturizer for sure but what you can do is purchase a BB cream. BB cream is a tinted moisturizer that not only works as a moisturizer to your skin but it is your foundation too. So we just gave you a ultimate short solution. Instead of you buying foundation separately, you should definitely purchase BB cream, which gives you double benefits.

Therefore, we recommend you:

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream (Click HERE to purchase)


Your favorite part, EYE PALLETES 

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette - 24k Gold

Let’s move on to eyes. For a beginner we wouldn’t recommend you to go for  darker eyeshadows, we’re saying that due to the reasons that since you’ve just thought of bringing makeup to your life you don’t wanna look a zombie or probably look older than your age. You don’t want that right? We suggest you to start out with natural tones that will brighten your eye and doesn’t gives you a fake look. For natural tones you would like to purchase an eyeshadow palette that has slightly pink, brown and orange tones The pallete you should look in for should be well pigmented, that blends easily and lasts all day. If you don’t like dipping into a shadow and have a ton of eyeshade powder flying everywhere. You should definitely on all costs go for matte eyeshades.

Therefore, we recommend you:

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Palette – 24k Gold (Click HERE to purchase)

Eye liner adds something a little extra



Diana of London Elegant Eyeliner


Next step is eye liner. With eyeliners the thing is that, they add a black fine line around the eyelid line. When you apply eyeliner and you’re stepping out of the house just make sure you’ve practiced applying eyeliner enough that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of people. Also, if you see girls wearing a wing liner. Don’t do that to yourself by copying from the other girl. You should know what may suit her, may not suit you. With adding to that apply a liner in a way that looks more of you, not some wanna be girl who trying to impress or looks completely different to what her face look offers. Also since you’re a teenager you are supposed to look natural to whatever and however to apply makeup as you don’t want your makeup to look heavier and a full makeup face with zero originality.

Therefore, we recommend you:

Diana Of London Elegant Eyeliner (Click HERE to purchase)


Something a little dramatic. MASCARA 

Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara

Eyes almost done. Last thing you are going to do to your eyes is apply mascara. As a girl you definitely would love how beautifully a mascara gives a sparkle to your eyes. No matter what mascara you use before applying mascara you might want to curl your eye lashes with a curler that adds more attention to your eyes.

Therefore, we recommend you

Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara (Click HERE to purchase)

Adding Blush to your new makeup collection



Without the blush a face looks dull we all know that. Did you know that? 😛 Well of course we know you do. As a teenager you should use a pink blush which looks natural to your look. We recommend you to purchase a powder blush that looks more natural. As you’re starting out to use makeup don’t buy glittery blush that will only add to you looking as if you’re going to a wedding.

Therefore, we recommend you:

Elf Beautifully Bare Blush – Rose Royalty (Click HERE to purchase)


Makeup Revolution Amazing Lip gloss

This is something you should be selective about. So choose a color that looks natural. You may use use colored lip balm or lip gloss in the age you are. if you don’t want glossy look then you may go for matte lip look.

Therefore, we recommend you:

Makeup revolution amazing lip gloss (Click HERE to purchase)


So, here you here with all your beauty essentials for teenage years. Comment below and let us know what are your favorite teenager essentials?

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