Travel Beauty Essentials You Need To Pack In Your Bag


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Going for a little vacation this summer? We present you with THE products you have to have in your makeup bag, even when your’e travelling light!


1. Dry Shampoo

We all know you aren’t going to wash your hair everyday, when you’re travelling. So, keep this Batiste Dry Shampoo in your bag for a quick refresher for your hair. And, the best part, after you are done with it, it won’t even leave white powder all over your head.




2. Face Mask

A face mask is that essential that you don’t know you need. Whether you feel the moisture being sucked out of your face, or you feel your skin is drying up, this Origins Drink-Up Overnight Face Mask will refresh your skin and ensure you wake up feeling WAY better. 



3. Face Wash

A travel-sized face wash is something you need to keep with you, for obvious reasons. Take this Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Gel Cleanser along with you. It’s compact and sealed nicely. Moreover, it will not break or spill in your bags.




4. Lip Balm

This is something you definitely don’t want to forget, whether you’re walking through a garden in Rome or walking on the Brooklyn bridge, or you are in the Northern areas of Pakistan, you don’t want the other tourists around you to notice your dried and chapped lips. Nivea or Blistex has some good lip balms that would work perfect, because they smell good and have SPF in them as well.






5. Waterproof Mascara

Whether you don’t know about the rainy London weather or you’re going for a dip at a beautiful Mauritius beach, waterproof mascara is going to be something you want to have, while you’re out and about.




Here you go girls. A few travel essentials that you need to keep in your bag, this summer while on holidays! Comment below and let us know what your Travel Essentials are, we’d love to hear from you!

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