How to treat Ingrown Hair?


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Ingrown hair is the hair that instead of growing out from the upper skin tends to grow inside the skin, or curls up resulting in hair not growing in the proper direction. Small bumps caused by ingrown hair are called papules. Mostly found in knee, leg, and elbow area, ingrown hair form when a hair follicle can’t pass a clogged pore, making the hair curl back in.


The reasons you might experience ingrown hair:

  • Removing hair through hair removing tools including razors and epilators.
  • Removing your hair in the wrong direction.
  • When you wear tight clothes or tight jeans consistently, you are likely to experience more ingrown hair.
  • Shaving and tweezing can make the problem worse and people with curly hair are at more risk for ingrown hair.
  • When you shave, the shortened hair curl back and grow into your skin.



How would you know you have ingrown hair

  1. On the upper skin layer there will be short hair curled up like dark hard spots. 
  2. Hair growing inside the upper layer of skin in a downward stroke


How to prevent ingrowns?

Use a good moisturizer 

When removing the hair from any part of your body make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer. Keep your skin moisturized until hair starts growing back again.



Scrubs heal ingrown hair 

Use a scrub on a weekly basis to treat ingrowns. While applying the scrub rub it in circular motions. Using the scrub will eventually open the curled ingrown hair which would result in hair growing in the upward direction rather than downwards & will remove dead skin cells.

Sugar is a natural exfoliator. A small DIY that can help you is mixing 1tbsp of honey & 1tbsp of sugar. Apply the paste in a circular motion, and then rinse with warm water to prevent ingrown hair.

Exfoliate with salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These products will help your hair follicles open, so the hairs don’t get curled up again.

To avoid ingrown hair altogether, try removing the dead skin cells that hang out near pores by exfoliating regularly.


Remove hair the right way

Use the right direction when removing hair. The right direction of removing hair is to remove your hair from the opposite site from its direction of growth. 


Don’t use razors

Razors cause ingrown hairs. So to avoid that go for non-razor hair removing tools such as waxing.  This will help hair grow freely and the risk of ingrown hair will reduce eventually.


Recommended Scrubs to prevent ingrowns:

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub (Click here to purchase!)

We all want flawless skin that doesn’t have painful ingrowns, so it is better to prevent rather than not treating them at all. If your ingrown hair doesn’t get better with time then it might be an sign that you need to go to doctor for skin treatments.

What remedies do you use to treat ingrown hair? Comment below to let us know!

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