Trend Alert: Giorgio Armani’s Smokey Eye Look


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Trend setter Giorgio Armani is at it again and this time he brings back the sexiest smokey eye trend on runways across the globe. Shades of black all over the eyelids is one makeup look that honestly suits every single person, with literally all skin tones. The best part is, and a lot of people don’t know this, that pro or not, this is the easiest look that everyone can create with just a few simple techniques. Read on and let us be your guide on how to create the perfect Giorgio Armani Smokey eye look. 

To get the perfect Smokey eye all you need to do is:

  1. Apply an eye shadow all over the lid which is all jet black and matte
  2. Make sure to neatly smudge it all over the lid up till the crease
  3. Next, to darken it and add more depth apply a jet black gel liner all over the lid
  4. Apply a shimmery black eye shadow on the middle top of the lid but if you prefer matte skip the shimmer
  5. Apply an eye liner, or make a wing curving out the edges


Overall Look Recommendation:

This look goes perfectly with mauve or nude lips with minimal colors on the face. If you want you can add more drama and glam to it by applying hot pink or blood red lipstick on the lips or with a pink blush on.

Product Recommendation for the Armani Smokey:

  1. For the perfect Smokey eye look we recommend Huda Beauty “Smokey Obsessions” eye palette. Purchase here
  2. To apply and smudge out the eye shadow perfectly we recommend the Real Techniques Brush Set. Purchase here
  3. For a shimmery eye shadow we recommend the Makeup Revolution shimmery eyeshadow in shade “Give me More” Purcahse here
  4. And for the perfect liner we recommend the “Super Liner Perfect Slim” by Loreal. Purchase here

Inspiration Tutorial:

We love this tutorial by @An Knook on YouTube on how to create the perfect Smokey Eye! Watch and be inspired.



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