Trend Alert: Heavy Dramatic Liner!


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Several celebrities have been caught rocking this bold trend, and for those with some guts to experiment, we think this statement trend is  something worth giving a test run. 

Why? because heavy dramatic eyeliner is always a statement.  It’s a super sexy and effortless look that everyone can pull off easily. Also, there are several different makeup looks that you can pull off using a thick dramatic liner (Just like those old heroines used to, back in the old black and white film days!).



So how do we rock this trend? You can apply the liner either with a full face of makeup or apply just the liner itself. The aim is for the liner to be extremely dramatic so it almost resembles a black smokey eye look. 

What You’ll Need?

  • A mascara –We recommend NYX mascara . Can purchase it here!
  • An eyeliner –We recommend L’OREAL . Can purchase it here!
  • An eyeliner pencil –We recommend L’OREAL . Can purchase it here!
  • A black matte eye shadow  – We recommend by NYX smokey eye palette . Can purchase it here

How to Achieve this look?

  • Use the darkest black eyeliner to line your eyelids and coat it till it gets to its darkest shade
  • Expand your liner as high as you can preferably just till the crease, almost giving it a smokey eye effect
  • Blend out the edges to give it a soft look and not to harsh
  • Apply a dark eye pencil in your waterline to give this look more depth
  • To make it more bold, apply a liner kajal pencil in your lower lash line to finish off the trendy look
  • To accentuate the overall look apply double coats of mascara to finish the entire look


we adore this look for a perfect blending smokey effect heavy dramatic look by @beautyprofessional74 on youtube.







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