Trend Alert: Neon Shades!


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A trend for the brave and bold… Neon colors are some of the most popping & bright colors that not everyone can carry. Neon hair trends started trending after the latest beauty catwalk trends. A trend that is extremely bold, however, there are several neon shades with different undertones that appear differently on various skin tones. 


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Neon hair…


The new hair trend is to color your hair in the funkiest neon shades ever. These bold color shades include neon green, neon blue, neon purple and neon yellow. To compliment the look you can wear light colored clothes and keep your makeup as minimal as possible. 

To create this look you will need

  • A neon color hair dye.


Neon lips…


Lips with neon lipsticks look super sultry and super bold. But to carry this look well you will need the right neon shade to go with your skin type. In 2018 these funky and sassy looks will make a huge impact overall in the makeup industry.

To create this sassy look you will need

  • A bright lipstick

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