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TREND ALERT: Scented Beauty!


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Looking Hot is not enough! Add a cherry on top by setting your signature scent with these three amazing products that will make heads turn and are proven to bewitch others around you!




#TrendAlert: Scented hair is going to be the next big thing of the season, major hair experts are partnering with the worlds biggest hair brands to create scented hair products that are to die for. And while we’re all about doing what’s best for your hair, getting the benefit of a super product that works super and smells super too is like getting a day off from work and then getting the next day off too!

Introducing a product we recently tested and totally fell in love with, and here is the kicker: it has been created in collaboration with the world renowned hair expert Jamal Hammadi, who globally, creates luxurious and glamorous hair styles for celebrities, fashion editorials, ad jobs, red carpet events, international Haute Couture Houses, Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Donna Karen, to name a few, which has led him to travel the world and see incredible hair and treat any and every hair type! This guy is one of those hair experts considered hair royalty.

Its Sunsilk Natural Recharge, recently launched in Pakistan, which claims to give you upto 48 hours of incredibly scented hair! It has been formulated with natural ingredients that contribute to its lasting freshness.

Here is why this product is on our Beauty Hooked Approved list:

• It has been co created by experts of all experts Jamal Hammadi!
• Fragrance Release Pearl Technology breakthrough is introduced in the shampoo which releases fragrance throughout the day.
• It has fig extract that is source of antioxidants keeping hair soft and supple.
• Special formula cleans oil and dirt from the hair
• Hair feels soft, smooth and smells AH-mazing!

To shop Sunsilk Natural Recharge Fig and Mint Refresh Shampoo for Rs. 220/-(Click HERE to Shop)





#TrendAlert: Feeling moody? Don’t worry; floral scented showers are the new trend with their ultimate mood boosting properties! After all, a girl with a smile and happy heart is the most Beautiful girl in the world.

Presenting a product we recently tested and totally fell in love with, which has the intense fragrance of black orchids that New York master perfumer Nicole Mancini took 9 months to personally create!

Here is why this product is on our Beauty Hooked Approved list:

• Its created by a true perfume Genius!
• It’s the right mix of bold, intense and alluring with a freshness that truly lasts.
• Super long lasting scent
• leaves your skin perfumed for up to 8 hours after your shower.
• This specific scent boosts your mood as well as that of others around you!
• Forms and lathers in seconds, and is easily washable!

 Lux Magical Spell Body Wash Magical Spell for Rs. 200/-(Click HERE to Shop) 





We think Winter is all about those perfectly soft woolies, winter wardrobes, great hair and the softest, most supple looking and smelling scents.

Ingredients that are perfect for the most luscious winter skin is Shea Butter & cocoa which form a perfect recipe to tantalize your sense of smell and to combat the winter breeze on your skin!

Presenting a product we recently tested and Approved that smells good enough to eat! The Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Lotion.

Here is why we are totally in love with this lotion:

• It is rich in vitamins and minerals that provids light, firming and long lasting care to prevent dry, dull and flaky skin.
• Instantly helped restore the appearance of dry skin
• We saw a natural looking glow after a week of trials
• Moisturizes to restore the appearance of dry and dull-looking skin, without feeling greesy
• Absorbs quickly

BEST FOR: Dry, Dull & Cracked Skin

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Lotion for Rs. 165/-(Click HERE to Shop)






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*Disclaimer: All articles published on Beauty Hooked are based on heavy and thorough research by our beauty consultants, makeup artist and experts.  All products recommended have been tried and tested by us personally and only then recommended to you. All these products, at the prices presented, are as of the publication date of the article. Prices presented in the article may vary across retailers in Pakistan depending on the retailer’s margin.”



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