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We all know how to apply all sorts of liners but do we really bother applying an underliner on our eyes for a different kind of look? This trend hasn’t been invented yet and has been around for centuries… it’s not new, there was a time where everyone just wore black pencil on their lower lash line…  the Egyptians for example. Well… the trend is back in town!

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Underliner is achieved using a dark kohl pencil on your lower lash line. This lash line has to be done alone without a simple or a wing liner on top. If you want you can lightly smudge it with a matte eyeshadow for more depth. You can apply layers to make it thicker. You can either smudge it or leave it as it is. This underliner trend goes best with mauve cheeks and nude lips.


How to get this Look?


  • Take the darkest kohl pencil and make sure it’s well sharpen
  • Apply the kohl liner pencil in your lash line in the outward direction slowly and gradually to make it thicker
  • Take a matte eyeshadow and rub it on top for more darker effect (optional)
  • Finish off the look by applying a mascara


The Products You Will Need:

  • A mascara

We recommend NYX mascara

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  • An eyeliner pencil

We recommend L’OREAL.

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  • A black matte eyeshadow

We recommend by NYX smokey eye palette . 

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 We love this mini tutorial by mirellabellebeauty She perfectly captures everything that we’ve discussed in the tutorial below! 




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