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Adding a little color to your makeup routine never harms anybody. But when you hear about colored lashes, what do you have in mind? Funky and fluttery lashes with neon or pastel colors. Yes… this is exactly what the look is about. Playing with hues and tints of different colors, shades and tones. Read below to learn on how to get this look.


To get this look all you have to do is:

  1. Complete all the eye makeup look with minimal eye shadow and a very thin or no liner at all
  2. Carve out the eyebrows as your requirement
  3. Finish off the full face makeup routine
  4. In the end use a lash curler to curl the eyes lashes
  5. Take a neon or a funky colored mascara and start coating your lashes, after the first coat wait for a few seconds for it to dry and then apply the second coat

Overall look Recommendation:

This look bets goes with very minimal makeup look with less eye makeup and less foundation but preferably with a cutesy blush on and a little bit of highlighter with some cherry pink lips.


Product Recommendation for the colored eye lashes look:

We recommend the NYX color mascara and can be purchased from ulta or macy’s


Inspiration Tutorial:

We love this inspirational video by @Lancome UK-IE on how to apply minimal makeup and apply funky color mascara.




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