Trend Alert: Flushed Cheeks!


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Rosy cheeks with pink or red tones is a sign of healthy complexion. The trend is to make your cheeks look radiant, fresh and pink throughout the day and we will show you how to pull off this trend.

Read below to see what the trend is about.


Picking the right blush

Being indecisive about which shade to pick or which shade to ignore? Pink, rosy, coral and mauve toned blushes are a hit this year. Blushers in powder form are much better if your skin is oily or breaks out easily. They stay longer and the color payoff is better. Whereas the cream based blushes are more natural looking and are more suitable for dry skin and don’t stick in your fine lines.


Use a right blush brush

If your blush brush is big and fluffier, there is a high chance your blush will spread all over the cheeks and will look untidy and messy. Make sure you use the angled brush for brush that is curved from one end.


Do the right strokes

Make sure you whirl your blush brush in the right direction on the apples of your cheeks. For a more blend in the face, take your blush all the way up to your temples and give it a more faded look. Make sure your blush is 3 cm away from your hairline.


For this trendy look, you will need
  • A blush on we recommend by @makeuprevolution and can be purchased here
  • A blush brush we recommend by @realtechniques and can be purchased here


We love this youtube video by @mixed makeup showing tips to apply the blush on perfectly.



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