Trend Alert: Upside Down Eyeliner!


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Winged eyeliner has been trending for a very long time, starting from the golden era up till today. From the thickest to thinnest, winged eyeliner with a chic flick has been a statement for all eye shapes and eye colors….! But this trend takes the whole eyeliner game to a newer level!

Read below to see what the trend is about.


The trend originally is to create a winged eyeliner look under your eyes below the lower lash line instead of creating a wing eyeliner look on top of the lash line. This look will give your eyes a cat eye effect and will give you a bold look.

How to Rock this look?


  • Take an eyeliner brush
  • Dip it in a jet black eyeliner or use a dark kajal pencil
  • Slowly and gradually start marking the eyeliner starting from the outer corner, to the inner corner
  • Make sure the liner does not reach the tear duct because that is not what the trend is about
  • To darken the eyeliner apply the liner again on top of the same line and give it more depth
  • And to prevent your eyeliner from smudging apply a matte eyeliner
  • Apply a nude shimmer or matte eyeshadow on top of your eyelid to accentuate your eye look
  • Add a little mascara if needed or a light tear duct highlighter


The products you will need for this look:

  • Eyeliner brush we recommend by DMGM that can be purchased here!
  • Jet black eyeliner we recommend by Elf cream eyeliner and can be purchased here 
  • For jet black kajal pencil we recommend by Diana of London Arabian black liner pencil and can be purchased here
  • Matte eyeshadows we recommend by Maybelline rock the nudes palette and can be purchased here 
  • For highlighting the lids and the tear duct we recommend the eyeshade by @makeuprevolution in the shade touch me and can be purchased here 
  • For mascara, we recommend by Flormar spider lash mascara and can be purchased here


This tutorial by @kareenamalik on youtube captures how to apply this trend using a kajal pencil perfectly!



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