11 Unusual Lip Shades You HAVE To Try This Summer


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Lip shades define our personality, our outfits and give us that extra kick and boldness that makes everyone go WOW! Which is why we have 11 unusual lip shades to try this summer, just for you! It’s about time we tell our comfort zone to move over and let it know we’re gonna try something NEW this season with all those fabulous lawn suits! 😉



Which is why we’re giving you a list of what shades to try coming season for that extra oomph!

1. Plum with a hint of ∗metallic∗

Oooh this is beautiful, isn’t it? Metallic and shimmer lipsticks are making a comeback this year and we have to make sure we fully and wholly embrace this trend! I would love to wear this on a summer tea by a pool or lake! 😀 ♥



2. carrot Red 

This refreshing and pop-in-your-face kind of color is a beautiful lip shade to sport on a nice afternoon for a trip to the mall! It’ll make your complexion come out and look even more beautiful than it already is. ♥




This of course comes as a surprise in the unusual list when girls think it should be in the banned list. But come on, look at it. It’s a lovely shade and we need to realize that red and pink aren’t the only norm. This can be too (if we make it)! TRY THIS ONE! ♥




This is that kind of color that can work just about anywhere. It’s simple and fabulous, both at the same time! I would personally love to wear this as an everyday lip coat and I’d also wear it to a high-tea with friends, maybe with a little gloss added in. Purrrfect kitty party (if anyone’s into that hahah) color. ♥



5. Fuchsia

Spectacular for a night out, this bright and amazing color will turn you into the star of the night. Usually the most hated of the pink shades because it makes you look “darker”, my advice is to embrace it! ♥



6. Blackened Red with a hint of ∗metallic∗

I’ve been wearing this to work and all my colleagues love it on me! It majorly compliments tan skin tones so if light shades aren’t your thing, go extra dark and BAM! There’s gonna be lines outside your house, girlies! :p ♥




This color is so cute and light and fragile! Hence it needs to be handled with extra care! Just draw on a simple black line in your eyes or even a glitter line and go very easy on the makeup. You’ll look absolutely flawless. ♥



8. Nude pink and some multi-colored ∗SPARKLE∗

I personally own this shade. It’s Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Nude Pink with a Stila Gliteratti Lip Top Coat in Transcend. These two are, as you can see, flawless. They remind me of my childhood when everything I owned HAD to be glitter. Doesn’t mean I can’t over-indulge in glitter when I’m an adult. Pink and sparkle always rock, no matter what! I plan dinners and lunches only to wear the duo hehehehe. ♥





9. ROSE COPPER with a splash of ∗METALLIC∗

Definitely something that I’d wear to a concert, gig or a night out with friends/my significant other. You do need to plan out this look much more carefully though. It requires more care. Nevertheless, it’s fabulous! ♥


10. Peachy pink and plenty of ∗shimmer∗ 

This is another great color to spend summers with. It’s light and delicate and looks great if you add in some shimmer and glitter. I have this one too and whenever I just wanna go easy and still look good, I slap this lip shade on from the Kylie Koko Kollection called Damn Gina.



11. and, this classic ∗shimmery∗ WARM red

Classics can’t be opted out even if it’s an unusual lip shade list. This red is universal and a statement of elegance and glamour! It works great in the nights and even if the days if you feel you can rock it. ♥



Here you go girls! Nothing too crazy, just a little more unique and unusual colors as compared to what we’ve all been sporting since forever! Even, if you aren’t able to find the exact lip shades, that’s alright. You can always improvise according to what’s available OR you can even mix and match. Whatever works for you girl. 😉



We always want to encourage you to try different trends so KEEP THESE LIP SHADES IN MIND FOR THIS SUMMER! ♥ ♦ ♥ And  stay hooked for more!



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