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9 Ways to SAVE Your Skin During Winter!


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We’re all rooting for the ‘Garam chai’ and eating buckets of dry fruit, in these cold months of winter. But, personally, winter is not our favorite season as it makes our skin suffer measurably. The cold is of a sort, where there is no peace for the suffering. It is equally as cold inside as it is outside…

At Beauty Hooked we have compiled eight ways that you can wrestle winter dryness before it influences your skin majorly!



1. Protect YOUR skin before heading outside!

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With an exposed face, the cold breeze can make your skin’s surface break. It can also prompt redness, cause dry skin, and cause all other sorts of harm.

Your skin needs a defensive layer to help retain its moisture. And, that doesn’t mean simply applying SPF.

Slather loads of moisturizer designed for your specific skin type and SPF before wandering out into the chilly weather.


2. Utilize a Humidifier!


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A humidifier is our go-to for protecting our skin during winter. Not only does it add moisture to the dry air indoors, it also enables you to inhale better, and it enables your skin to release less moisture.

If you DON’T own a humidifier…  A bowl of water set near a heater will likewise work by adding moisture to the air, as the water evaporates.


3. Shower using COLD Water!


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We know… taking a shower with cold water is the LAST thing you want to do in the winter.

But hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, hence it dries out…


4. Don’t peel your skin!


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Peeling off your skin can cause permanent scarring, and can really exacerbate the surface of your skin. Instead, utilize an exfoliator to get rid of your dead skin. (Try using an exfoliator with AHa, BHA or glycolic acid) 

Also, make sure to moisturize your skin after exfoliating!


5. Utilize Mineral Oil-Based Creams?



Lip products made with mineral oil or petroleum make an occlusive boundary on your skin’s surface. This helps trap the moisture in but it doesn’t hydrate your skin… causing it to become dry.

Instead, use products with hyaluronic corrosive, ceramides or even oil — all of which enter your skin to hydrate.


6.Utilize Heavy Face Creams?



Utilizing a heavy cream isn’t the worst crime you can commit. But it’s not the most proficient approach to battling dry skin.

Instead, layer a solitary, rich and lightweight hydrating serum before applying your face cream for better-hydrated skin. 


7. Cut down on that caffeine…



Depending too hard on that caffeine may be the worst thing for your skin. An excessive amount of caffeine in your system leads to dry skin, articulated lines, and wrinkles. Because it is a diuretic element, causing you to visit the toilet a lot, it deprives water from your body.

So try drinking less caffeine and ensure you’re consuming the required amount of water as well.


8. DON’T Ignore your Lips

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Think twice before skipping lip balm!

The cool breeze outdoors and the warm air indoors exhaust your lips natural defensive boundary, so they can’t retain the moisture. Your lips have no oil organs of their own either to keep them hydrated.

That is where straightforward products like petroleum jelly help avoid dry lips. 

Also, this might sound crazy but try and abstain from licking your lips, as the proteins in your spit can cause swelling and splitting… 


9. Wear Comfortable Clothing!

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We cherish a thick, fleece sweater, however wearing them on your skin isn’t the best.

It will cause irritation and itchiness to your skin. So, try and layer delicate cotton undershirts underneath, this will give a defensive boundary.

An additional protection measure against skin aggravation is to wash all your clothing garments with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser which doesn’t have any additional additives or colors. 


Comment below and let us know which way YOU loved best. 



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