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Since fall is practically around the bend, it’s a great opportunity to shake up your closet, as well as your healthy skin schedule. Amidst the sweltering summer months, we will transition from summer to autumn – the ideal opportunity to rejuvenate your skin. And this isn’t a reason to quit wearing sunscreen; this is basically an adjustment in your skin routine. To enable you to go into fall in style, we have assembled a rundown of items that will keep your skin smooth throughout the entire season. Investigate the slideshow above for our most loved fall fixes and reveal to us how you change your magnificence routine in the remarks underneath!


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The weather in autumn becomes dry and cooler.



In autumn weather the skin becomes dry, rough, dehydrated and lack of luster and elasticity. However, the degree of intensity of each problem varies from skin to skin. e.g dry skin is more prone to autumn skin issues as compared to oily skin. 


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In autumn, the remedies that work to combat these skin issues are cleansing with mild cleanser, gently exfoliate, moisturization, hydrate & protect.



The autumn season is the perfect time to transfer the summer skin care routine to creamy moisturization to get perfect hydration. 

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  • Cleansing – repair the summer damage with moisturization with cream emollients
  • Gentle exfoliation – to shred extra skin cells which were produced in the summer. for this mild acidic natural formulations with pH, Balance works great for the skin and repair. Repeat it once a week to see the return of luster of your skin.
  • Toning of the skin – use a  hydrating toner with mild acidic effect as it will balance the pH of the skin, close the pores
  • Protection of Skin- use an SPF (Sun Protection Formula)of 15-45. in autumn you need to reapply the sunscreen several times as sebaceous glands of the skin secrete more sebum and sweat glands are more active. 
  • Weekly treat- using face masks with seasonal fruits are the best way to replenish the skin from summer damage and also helps to lighten the pigments and tan 

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  • Hydration: have lots of water alone without any added flavourings. Water is the best way to hydrate once body because water composition is designed to hydrate body cells and so the skin. Any additive or fruit added in water change the chemical formula of water and thus change its hydration property.
  • Eat to lift and protect the skin: The foods which are rich in Omega 3 such as fruits and vegetables will hydrate the body, coat the internal organs for protection and last but the best part is will add shine to the skin.  


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  • Apples
  • avocados
  • pumpkins
  • clementines
  • kiwi
  • grapefruit
  • grapes
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberries
  • beets
  •  tangerines
  • pomegranates
  • persimmons
  • Nuts such as walnuts & chestnuts


Comment below and let us know what is your biggest skin care for the autumn season.

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