I'm getting bald.


I’m facing intense hair fall. Need help.

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Thank you for getting in touch. First of all find out whether you’ve hair fall or hair breakage. If your hair are falling from the root than it’s hair fall. But if they’re breaking from a certain point then it can be because if various factors, perhaps because:
1- The brush you’re using has hard bristles.
2- You are brushing your hair the wrong way.
3- Low keratin level in hair hence less elasticity.
4- Nutrient deficiency
To avoid hair fall you may need to change your dietary habits and products that you’re using. Here’s the list of things that you could do to avoid hair fall:
1- Increase the intake of Omega 3/Fish Oil.
2- Use a wooden brush instead of the one with metallic or plastic bristles. It’ll increase the blood circulation and hence increase the hair growth.
3- Make sure you’re taking enough vitamins in your diet as lack of nutrient intake can result in hair fall.
4- Don’t forget to take plenty of dry fruits.
5- Start oiling your hair regularly. Try using Extra Virgin Olive oil twice a week as it really helps to make your hair stronger.
6- If not, you can oil your hair daily. For this all you have to do is to take a 4-5 drops of oil and apply it to your wet hair. Not only it will gradually make your hair healthy but also more manageable (Try Argan oil for this purpose as it’s less greasy)
7- Maintain a balanced diet including egg (as it is a source of protein) and fish as they help promote hair growth.
8- Morover the most important step is to take monthly hair protein treatment. You can book them at http://www.beautyhooked.com/booking

Hope it helps.
Team BeautyHooked.

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Olive oil does wonders.

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I had the same issue and I tried sugarbear hair capsules. LOVEEED ITTT!

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